Walking together in Europe – caring for justice and peace

Spiritual Retreat for Business Executives of UNIAPAC Europe in Hungary from 13th to 16th June 2024
Economy of Francesco Day of UNIAPAC Youth Group from 12th to 13th of June 2024


Join us for a three-day retreat to discover God’s call for Christian entrepreneurs in a world of crisis.

Inspired by the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola and the Social teaching of Pope Francis, this retreat will offer you an opportunity to:

  • Give yourself to God in personal and eucharistic prayer
  • Share your insights and experiences with other participants in small groups
  • Enjoy the fellowship and joy of being together
  • Learn how to balance technological innovation and social responsibility
  • Embrace the challenge of being the protagonists of justice and peace
  • Respond to the urgent needs of the world with courage and compassion
  • Commit to concrete actions that reflect God’s love and justice

As St. Ignatius said,
“There are very few men who realize what God would make of them if they abandoned themselves entirely to His hands and let themselves be formed by His Grace.”

Don’t miss this chance to find out what God has in store for you!

Discover the UNIAPAC Youth Group!

Join us for the UNIAPAC annual retreat in Hungary's spiritual hub, Esztergom, from June 12-16, 2024!
Discover how the UNIAPAC Youth Group empowers young entrepreneurs to integrate faith with business. Dive into the Economy of Francesco movement as we unite diverse voices for a flourishing economy. Be part of the change – your vocation matters!
Start your spiritual journey with a common discussion about a new economy and join the spiritual retreat of the worldwide network of Christian business executives.


Presentation of our contents

  • Biblical stories; inputs from the Social teaching of Pope Francis; questions for individual reflection; practical hints for my personal spiritual life
  • Sharing: bring your own insights; more listening to others than group discussion
  • Liturgy
  • At the end of our retreat: a common reflection and evaluation.


Our way of proceceding

  • Our approach during these days is explicitly spiritual
    • Our mode is not a management team meeting: we do not need results.
    • Better less than more – and better deeper than broader.
    • We shall follow the method of the spiritual conversation which is fundamentally based on listening
  • Mobile phone: be conscious about its use.


Finding the Jesus approach

  • Getting in contact with Jesus – with brain and heart
    • How does Jesus feel, think, act? What makes him tick?
    • How does Jesus relate to other people?
    • What does Jesus do? – He prays, teaches, heals and sends …
  • From this we look to ourselves … "Imitatio Christi".

Spiritual adviser

Fr. Martin Maier SJ

  • Born 1960 in Messkirch, Southern Germany
  • 1979: entered the Society of Jesus
  • Studies of philosophy, theology, and music in München, Paris, Innsbruck, San Salvador
  • 1988: ordination to priesthood
  • Was a parish priest in a countryside parish in El Salvador from 1989 to 1991; worked for the Jesuit Refugee Service in Bosnia and Croatia (1993-1994); Editor of the magazine Stimmen der Zeit (1995-2009); Rector of Berchmanskolleg in München (2009-2014); Secretary for European Affairs in the Jesuit European Social Centre in Brussels (2014-2021); since 2021 Managing Director of Adveniat, the German episcopal charity organization for Latin America and the Caribbean; teaches theology in the Central American University in San Salvador; author of several books.

"Europe will be Christian
or it will not be at all"

Robert Schuman



Junior Early Bird Price*
(Subsidised by national member associations or private donors.)

250 €

99.000 Ft

Select if you are under 40 and require support for your participation.

Valid from June 12th to 16th, 2024. Only valid for triple occupancy rooms.

Early Bird Price*
Of the spiritual retreat.

490 €

194.000 Ft

Valid from 13th to 16th of June 2024

The prices are based on double room occupancy.

Normal Price


590 €

233.600 Ft

This ticket covers all costs of the event and is valid for the entire duration of the event.

The prices are based on double room occupancy.

Sponsoring Price
Helps finance Junior Early Bird.

750 €

297.000 Ft

Select this ticket if you're eager to champion the participation of others.

Single room option

50 €

19.800 Ft

Select this option if you want to be accomodated in a single room

*The Early Bird price is valid for registration before 19.05.2024.

For the registration click here: Registration

The registration form is designed in line with the logic of the upcoming UNIAPAC Platform. We are dedicated to creating a high-quality platform for our community members. As part of the application process, you will be asked to provide information about yourself, your experiences, and your testimony.


Szent Adalbert Spiritual and Event Center

2500 Esztergom, Szent István tér 10.

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Szent Tamás ház

2500 Esztergom, Batthyány Lajos u. 6.

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